Because I didn’t have anything to worry about for a while..

I’m constantly reminded how much Lexapro has helped me. I take stock of potential danger zones of worry (PDZOW), and say to myself: “Wow! Good thing I’m on Lexapro, or I’d be a mess.” half joking, half serious. For example, I had a random pain on my left side the other day, and I was easily able to say to myself, “Self, this is your pectoral muscle hurting, because, you know, Malka’s 31 pounds, and you tend to lift her up on your left side. Oh. OK then.” or, when she woke up at midnight last night for NO.APPARANT.REASON, “wow, this sucks, sleep regression starting 2 months early. damn.” And no further thoughts from either event.

Except this am. Malka has been slowly drinking less and less milk. Her typical day used to be: 4oz at wake up, 8 oz at daycare, split into two bottles, 6 oz at bedtime – for a grand total of 18 ounces a day. Not a lot, but actually 2oz or so more than her doctor recommends (because of the chunk-a-liciousness). Plus, she eats cottage cheese and yogurt, so I’m sure it all adds up to the recommended daily dose of 20-24 ounces of calcium/dairy per day. But lately, she’s been handing her night time bottle back to me after about 2oz gone, leaving 4oz, which I would just stick in the fridge and save for the morning. But this morning? She barely has had MAYBE 4oz total today. I did make a yogurt smoothie, and she had about 4oz of that, and loved it. She’s eating food, she’s drinking water, it’s just milk that she’s refusing.

I thought perhaps it was “off,” so I went and bought a new carton, but the same reaction. She’ll take a sip or two, and hand me back the bottle. As if to say, “waiter, I’m done here, take this back to the kitchen.” I did read, at baby center dot com that sometimes toddlers do just randomly stop eating their favorite foods, including milk, and I hope that this is the case.

Because I’ll tell ya – if it’s something else? We may just have to up my Lexapro to 20mg, as I can feel the knot of worry slowly building…

4 thoughts on “Because I didn’t have anything to worry about for a while..

  1. My daughter wouldn’t drink white milk at all… in order to get her to have some, I mixed in Ovaltine. It has no caffeine, and the benefits of the calcium, etc outweighed the sugar in the mix. Of course the Lexapro makes it all easier 😉

  2. DS goes through phases where he’ll eat non-stop, and then he’ll have times where he eats almost nothing at all. Also, when he was a baby he’d chub right up for a while, then grow in length and even out. I really wouldn’t be worried about it.

  3. or she could be starting to develop an intolerance to the milk. For me, my intolerance has to do with the taste… when I was a kid the milk just started tasting sour to me all the time… like it was spoiled. And even today it tastes like that. I can eat (and love) cheese, yogurt, all sorts of cultured milk, but if it’s not cultured, I need a lot of sugar in it to be able to get it down (and then my tummy hurts, but, for ice cream and whipped cream, it’s worth it)

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