Because they like to change it up a bit…

Trista had a good suggestion about the milk thing, and I’ll ask our doctor tomorrow. She’s seriously not drinking ANY.MILK.AT.ALL. But she’s gobbling up cottage cheese, yogurt, smoothies, and the like, so we’re not as concnerned. And she IS drinking water, and having wet dipes, so it’s totally a “simple” (hahaha) milk avoidance.

However…. part of bedtime routine USED to be: dinner, books, bath, BOTTLE, bed. The bottle knocked her out, she got her “milk drunk on.” It’s been harder and harder to get her to take her night time bottle, now she just plain refuses it. And tonight? She simply wanted to play. OK, I thought, we’ll play for a bit, she can help me go get the laundry, (she LOVES helping with the laundry), and then she’ll go to bed… HA!

We go get the laundry, (She’s SO DAMN cute in her “assistance” – she tosses the clothes FROM the basket to the dryer, most often missing, but it IS adorable to watch), and we come upstairs. It’s about 7:20 or so now. I start the hum of the lullaby that I usually use with her, and she SHAKES HER HEAD NO! Oy. We’re in for a long night. I’m figuring it’s probably something developmental.

She’s also in this weird “I only want Eemah” stage – if Narda goes to her, and she doesn’t see me, it’s all good. They can have hours of fun play and snuggles together. But if she sees or hears me? She will scream the scream that sounds like the earth is opening up underneath her. It’s a bit disturbing, actually. She calms down a bit when I go and hold her, but it’s rather intense. Narda theorizes that she’s on the verge of talking, and that makes a lot of sense – but OY, these “developmental changes” that affect her sleep? They’re BRUTAL.

Thank you all for the previous suggestions and thoughts about the milk thing, it really helped to calm me down.

My prayer is that by the time #2 gets here, Malka will have trained us well enough in all of the oddities of growing up…

4 thoughts on “Because they like to change it up a bit…

  1. The boys have an “I want Mommy” only thing, too. Once I’m up, there’s no such thing as Daddy any more! Must be developmental! It does suck, though, cause it means no breaks from the other parent!

  2. can you slip her a little sherry??

    I kid!

    (well actually that is what I give a cranky GM when she is having a rough night)

    On the verge of talking sounds like the coolest thing ever. (well except for the crying involved)


  3. it is so hard to cope with the push-and-pull of toddler emotions! (and the push-and-pull of toddler eating preferences!) This annoying habit will pass (and a new one will come, of course, but at least it will be different).

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