of Syler, the Cheeleaders and Hiros…

So um, WTF!

I was SO jammin’ on the groove, until Syler painted that picture of a “Syler-stein,” aka Frankenstein as President – ACK – and now with shape shifter chick, I’m not sure if anyone is who they are – you know?

OK – so I now have total faith in Claire’s dad, glasses guy. I’m still torn about Linderman, but I DO applaud him saving the art, and there may be some merit in that. But I’m not sure how George Takei and Linderman fit into the whole big picture.

I was hoping that Syler, in taking over the power of Isaac, would paint a scene with HIM, (Syler) dead – but that didn’t happen – so WTF!

And Hiro meeting his future self? Or is it Syler?

I’m ALL confused now – should the bomb go off or shouldn’t it? Do we sacrifice NYC to save the world? Is NYC itself “the tracking device?”

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “of Syler, the Cheeleaders and Hiros…

  1. So many questions!!!!
    I don’t think Linderman is a goodie. He stole Micha – that freaked me out.
    And what ‘power’ do you think Nathan & Peter’s mom has???

  2. I’m not a Linderman fan, just because of his constant use of force to get what he wants… that aside, i thought it was a great episode. Sylar is soooo creepy but I loved the way Isaac didn’t cower. Interesting what he said too- foreshadowing that none of them can avoid the future?
    The only thing that bothered me about the episode was the glass thing with Syler/Peter. Obviously s setup for Claire to save him by pulling out the glass. But it didnt make sense to me on a couple of levels. First, Peter has the power to do the same things Syler can- when Mohinder tried to shoot him, Syler stopped a bullet coming at him- Peter couldnt stop the glass? (can he only do one power at a time)? And Syler acted like he didn’t know where Peter was when he was invisible… but Syler has that super hearing he stole from that car mechanic lady and should have been able to hear Peter’s heartbeat or any movement… (or does invisibility mean no sound either?) Just wondering…

  3. Ok, my thoughts on the whole Micah/Linderman thing. If you’ve followed the Heroes 360 stuff, you’ll know that Linderman is trying to place a “logic bomb” to get Nathan elected. The logic bomb got hacked by Hana, and was disabled. My theory (and I’m sure many others have thought this, just haven’t looked yet), is that Linderman wants Micah to still rig the election to help Nathan. Make sense?

    As for Sylar, I’m not sure. I think that the Sylerstein was really Nathan, just that he can’t paint/draw as well as Issac could. Remember the stick figure drawings Peter had at first?

  4. ah, i know some of what’s going down, but i had to stop. my friend worked on the filming for the remaining episodes for this season, but i am NOT SPOILING and would not let the spoilers continue because ah! it’s too exciting and ah! and it’s driving me insane to NOT know now!!!!!

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