T minus – well, look over there…

I just can’t wait for the summer – Here I was, all bummed about turning 37, and then BAM -not ONE, but TWO Harry Potter Presents in MY birthday month.

Thanks, Jo!

And for the record, I’m STILL convinced that *something’s* up with McGonagal. Either she’s been Pollyjuiced, or imperiussed, or SOMETHING. She’s just not *herself* at the end of book 6.

5 thoughts on “T minus – well, look over there…

  1. I have thought a lot about your McGonagal theory, and I think you may be onto something.

    I have such mixed feelings about book 7–I want to know, but I don’t want it to end.

    Also have mixed feelings about the new movie. How can they possibly include all the important stuff without making a 4-hour-long film?

  2. July is my birthday month too!!! The movie is being released on my birthday and then I get to wait a few days to read the last installment. Sabi and I have been re-reading all of the books in the series and and re-watching the movies to prepare for the big Harry Potter month of July!

  3. **drool**……..

    Oh, I SO cannot wait for this! Did’ja hear that the IMAX theaters will have a 3-D ending? Shall we make a date now to see it (I’ve never been to an IMAX theater)?


    P.S.-Still up for dress shopping?


  4. We are so psyched about this and just a little sad that IMAX theaters make me throw up.

    What is your McGonagal theory?

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