Oh no, he didn’t!

Oh, yes, he did.

And I understand WHY – Narda had JUST tossed him off of her head with a stern warning, (he likes to munch on her hair, which admittedly, may not be a pleasant sensation at 4:30am); Quincy had been chasing him for a while, and that just stresses him out; although the litter boxes are clean, they haven’t been “totally dumped and washed” in a while; he IS 15 years old; he tends to go once every 36 hours or so (which his vet is QUITE proud of, the ability to concentrate urine is a good thing in small animals), so he REALLY had to go.

He peed on my pillow. Except my HEAD was still ON IT.

So needless to say, here it is, 6am, and I’ve already showered, done my hair, and am in the process of doing laundry. I never KNEW how much one could accomplish between 5:00 and 6:00am when properly motivated….

Poor little guy. He LOVES snuggling on my pillow with me, so this was a serious need. Narda, alack and alas, doesn’t see it that way. She sees this as an opportunity for Cougie-Bear to “go to that special place.” I just see it as a need to scrub out the litter boxes and get a refill for the Feliway plug-ins…

6 thoughts on “Oh no, he didn’t!

  1. SO sorry. I’ve gotten my feet peed on in bed, but never a head shot. I’m sure it just hasn’t occurred to him yet. Two days ago he peed in Quinn’s crib. Grrrr…

  2. reminds me of when my water broke with Sully at 3am. Seanna asked me “are you sure the dog didn’t pee on you?” YOU know! YOU just KNOW! So sorry, though I had to chuckle just a bit. Keep him around!

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