On purpose, or a happy accident?

Malka made a pishpish and poop in her little potty this am!

Not sure if it was because of good timing, or if she finally “gets” what that little white thing is for…

Pride was wonderful, a good time, and I took LOTS of pictures – I wore a BIG pink floppy hat marching down 5th avenue, but at least I’m one of the few who AREN’T sunburnt, so I’m glad about that. I want to publically thank Heather for really putting my sun awareness more in my frontal lobes, instead of something I think about AFTER the fact of a painful sunburn. And yes, I DO get yearly skin checks. Do you? I had some REALLY Bad sun practices in the 80’s and so I’m always inspecting each and every mole and freckle and odd spot on my body.

I’ll try to post some pics later, but for now – Happy Pride! And a shout out to a fellow bloggy-sister, who was a part our our contingent in the parade!

3 thoughts on “On purpose, or a happy accident?

  1. Woohoo – go Malka! And yeah for no sunburn from all that outdoor time at Pride. I’m one to burn and burn and burn. Thanks to E and his pale skin, I have sunscreen with me everywhere we go, so I’m doing much better about avoiding the burns.

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