Why oh why?

Why oh why can’t Ann Co*lter get the smack down that she so deserves? I mean seriously? Imus got FIRED, and he didn’t wish death on a presidential candidate! Can’t someone, for the love of all things good in this country, DO something to SHUT HER UP!

6 thoughts on “Why oh why?

  1. OMG I was thinking the same thing when they were blathering on about her on C*NN or F*OX or some such channel. She was on G*ood M*orning America last week and they just glossed over the F word comment. I think that was what ticked me off the most; they didn’t ignore it they just played it off.

  2. This evil lady just keeps on going and I just don’t get it. She is sick and the people who keep giving her a platform are sick as well.

    On another subject… congrats on the 11 lbs. That’s a sack of potatoes you know… I just started back this week. You inspired me!

  3. Hear hear! I was just thinking the exact same thing on my home from work yesterday listening to NPR. I’m all for a boycott of those media outlets that give her air time. Anyone with me?

  4. I’m with you Adie!

    She is awful, and I’m frankly surprised that conservatives don’t consider her more of a hindrance than help to the GOP. She’s such an embarassment to her own party!

    Then again, so is W and he’s still around…

    Isn’t it 2008 YET?

  5. Annnn Coul.ter is just plain mean. And a liar. I can’t believe people want to listen to her and feel good about themselves when they do. She reeks of mean.

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