busy, busy, busy…

For most folks, summer is a time of beaches, lounging around, kids home from school, and vacations. For those of us in Synagogue administration, however, it’s “Oh shit!” time – as in, “PLEASE let the Chagim be later this year…” But alack, and alas, they aren’t. In fact, they are EARLY this year. As in Rosh HaShana is on September 12th. That means I have 8 weeks to go, folks. ACK.

So my time is getting increasingly busier and busier. Please accept my early apologies for not updating as often as I usually do.

Besides stewing about being an ENTIRE DAY behind the rest of the world in knowing what happens to Harry Potter (let me RE-state, just so that I can smugly say – I TOLD YOU SO, that I think SOMETHING fishy is up with McGonagal, Neville will die, and Harry will live, but in a Frodo way, have a massive sacrifice, like losing his magic or something. I also think Hagrid will bite it, I’m afraid. So just to set the record straight). But I WILL NOT be reading the internet, newspapers, listening to radio or watching TV until AFTER I’ve read the book. NO SPOILERS HERE.

We can have a friendly, lively chat about the book AFTER we return home from the wedding in Portland on August 8th – that should give you all plenty of time to read it. And really? If you haven’t read by then? Then it probably doesn’t matter as much to you if I talk about it here…

So um, besides that, we had a LURVELY blog/internets filled week/weekend. During the week, we got to hang out with the lovely Maya and her moms from California. Over the weekend, we had the wonderful Hannah and her moms stay with us, and we all hung out with Liam and his moms, and Phine and her moms, too! I’ll try to find an ambiguous photo to post later for you. It was really great to hang out with other families like ours, and to just give Malka time to interact with kids from similar families, and it didn’t hurt that all of the moms were really cool folks, too.

So now, back to the grindstone, and thanks for your patience in my slacking blog posts…

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