We have AIR, people!

Malka has been really good at the “step-step” kind of jump for quite some time. (you know the one leg, then the other kind of thing…) Anyhoo, today was a birthday party at daycare for her boyfriend, Leary, and Malka and all of the other kids were dancing like maniacs, and all of a sudden, I look over, and Malka JUMPED. As in BOTH FEET OFF THE GROUND. And she did this many times. I was all agog, and aghast, but Narda reassured me, along with Leary’s Eemah, that “oh yeah, she’s done that for a while now!”

Holy crap, folks, Malka can JUMP!

Not so many words, but she can JUMP!

Sadly, Leary will be transitioning into the toddler room starting tomorrow. Le sigh.

10 thoughts on “We have AIR, people!

  1. Go Malka!

    Marie and Rose are just starting to jump too. Marie thrashes around and up and down like a little head banger, while Rose crouches all the way to the floor, stays coiled there for about 10 seconds, and then pops up for one enormous “jump.” Funny.

  2. Shelli, can you see my email address? You interested in a Harry Potter shopping bag & triwizard tournament badge? the bag is the same as the most recent bookcover, with no writing. Let me know!

  3. ina – I cannot see your e-mail address. If the items are free – TOTALLY!

    Otherwise, sadly, I cannot afford them. BUT… my birthday is coming soon! 😉

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