Can ANYONE Solve this?

OK – Everyone EXCEPT Trista can play…

Has anyone EVER packed less than the ENTIRE CONTENTS OF YOUR HOUSE to travel for a simple weekend away with a baby?


7 thoughts on “Can ANYONE Solve this?

  1. If it was going to a friends house I would mail some of my things ahead of time for them to hold. I would bring the barest minimums of things if I knew there was a store nearby that I could just replenish at the destination.

  2. Ditto on the buy when you get there if you can. Also use small airplane travel bottles for liquids and creams etc. Limit outfits to a few that wash out easily and would dry quick… luckily in the summer bathing suits do this amazingly well and on babies… are acceptable as clothing.

    Swim diapers. Less bulk, last longer.

    Eat junky on the road food. Eliminating the need to bring any with you. Who cares! It’s only one weekend.

    When in doubt don’t bring it… it’s only the weekend… you will be home quickly and the memory of the forgotten item with be gone.

    Hope you have a lovely trip.

  3. now now now… wouldn’t I be the PERFECT person to play? And can you believe that we OVERPACKED?

    We couldn’t have done it if you hadn’t ordered diapers and milk for us… so have diapers sent to where you’re going. Take stackable sippy cups, but only 2. Summer is easier to pack light because summer clothes are less bulky… get SMALL toys for Malka, matchbox cars, tiny little stuffed animals. And ONE new toy for her to enjoy that will keep her occupied…

    that should do it!

  4. Buy bigger suitcases..
    Ok so thats not the answer either
    I went away for a week and literally packed the SUV with one hefty trash bag for my clothes..every other spare inch of the car was packed with baby things.I literally couldn’t see out the back window. Good Luck and enjoy your vacation

  5. Yeah, have no fear, we’ll be at your house on Saturday and we’ll have so. goddamn. much. crap. with us that you will feel redeemed.

  6. When we traveled with Niblet, for a weekend we’d bring a HUGE rolling suitcase just for her stuff. We’d bring 5-6 outfits for each day because she was a SPEWER extraordinaire. And the bibs…oh the bibs…
    We really brought the same amount of stuff for a weekend that we ended up taking camping with us for a week! and with cloth diapers, that added a whole other bag…

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