10 thoughts on “Did ya ever wonder?

  1. And even better, since the % would yield 1.7 gay Duggar kids, it’s more likely that there will be two! 😉

    No votes from me on which two.

  2. I also chuckle when I think about the fact that research has shown that the more older brothers a boy has the more likely he is to be gay. They think it may have something to do with the mother’s immune reaction to a male fetus and how it may change testosterone levels in-utero after subsequent pregnancies. She has had many boys, many. I’d be betting on one of the younger boys being the queer one. Just saying.

  3. it’s been a while since i’ve watched a D Special, and so i can’t remember *which* boy we have pegged, but yes, we’ve wondered, discussed and analyzed! heh. gotta love the Dugg*rs.

  4. Well, and don’t the odds go up the more boys there are in the mix? We could be talking 4 or 5 queer Duggars!

    And, really, I’m betting on “Jinger”. She’ll try pole dancing for a while and then realize all she wants to do is be around half-naked women…

  5. I agree that Jinger is a dyke. Who wouldn’t be after that spelling of her name? Enough to put anyone off mass fundamentalist breeding programs I say.

  6. Aren’t there studies about clusters of queers in families? Of the 15 grandkids on my paternal side, three of us are confirmed homos, with several other as-yet unconfirmed but likely possibilities.

    I’m going out on a limb and saying that a good third of those kids are queer. Loving kindness and unconditional love – I wanna see some of those bible quotes on the Ye Olde Dugg*r Family Website.

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