Instead of "save the Cheerleader…"

It should be: “WTF!”

OK – I am LOVING Me some Claire’s Dad.

How did Peter get in the box? What’s with the symbol?

I bet it was Syler that got to George Takai.

I had to quickly switch to House Hunters at 10:00pm, so that I wouldn’t get hooked on yet ANOTHER show. OK, off to do the dishes, and then to bed. MP3 had one of her famous “1/2 hour shout outs” last night – right around 3:30am. Ugh. AND, today was a major “schlep fest” at work (striking the “props” from venue A, and getting them to venue B, and then returning the non-needed items to Venue C.) Plus “Aunt Flo” came hedr visit. So I’m kinda wiped…

2 thoughts on “Instead of "save the Cheerleader…"

  1. Okay- crazy, unlikely idea- any chance it was Nathan who pushed Takei off the roof? Just curious, as he was the last one to see Peter (who turned up with that symbol around his neck) and could be looking to get revenge on the group of folks who kind of set him up- his mom, etc. He also can fly, which would explain how the pushed disappeared….

    Just a thought… Sylar is just as likely, though, but then why would he knock him off the roof to have his brain based in instead of his typical M.O.?

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