I should be inspired…

Narda and I are TOTALLY addicted to any and all television program about “those multiple kids shows.”

I’m watching one now, in fact. One mom, 13 kids, 9 daily loads of laundry, 15 dinners prepared, and I’m kvetching about one sink of dishes.

I’ll go skulk off in shame now.

And go do the dishes.

While I work on crafty project #37 this week! (I promise to post pictures of “the crafty” soon.)

7 thoughts on “I should be inspired…

  1. I’m so addicted to these that I had a dream the other night that Michelle Duggar was teaching me how to be a good parent.

    I should be SO ashamed 🙂 And, secretly, I want try her giant recipes.

  2. Dude, don’t forget that if you had 13 kids, unless you had a litter, several of them would be *plenty* old enough to help with laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc.

    Like having a couple extra wives around!

  3. We’ve been DVRing Jon and Kate plus 8. Have you caught that one? 7-year-old twins and 3-year-old sextuplets. Can you even imagine???

  4. NINE loads of laundry??
    I would die. D I E.

    I haaaaaaate laundry. I mean, I am not sure any one really ENJOYS doing laundry, but… 9 loads? Heck no.


    I watch these shows sometimes and wonder how they do it. They do not really have a choice, yah know? LOL

    I have two loads facing me tomorrow and I am already dragging my feet. hahaa.

    Congrats on the weight loss…by the way! Awesome progress!!

  5. I LOVE Jon & Kate Plus 8. And the Kids by the Dozen shows. And all the rest. It’s scaring A because every time he sees me watching them he thinks I want to have loads of kids. But one would suit me just fine for now.

  6. OH man – I just found your blog… I also love the multiple kid shows, but my fav is Jon and Kate + 8 – It is just really entertaining to me! And I also feel like a dork for complaining about more than 1 load of laundry in a day, and having to vaccume more than once a week! Ha! To have such luxury right??? Oh well. OH – I think you were right to cut your little girl’s hair – I recently cut my son’s and it was sooooooo much nicer afterwards. No more mullets around here! Em (EmandmikeyATaolDOTcom)

  7. If I had a tv, I’d be in front of that kind of show every day! Instead, I think I’m living one (or 1/3 of one – with only 5 kids…)

    Having kids is like treading water. It doesn’t matter how deep it is, just as long as you stay afloat.

    I might be in water 5x deeper (and those tv parents 13x deeper) but we’re all engaging in the same activity, requiring the same exertion and skills.

    Happy Hanukkah and gut chodesh!

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