You know, as in “Malka DO!” I must remember to set my alarm even earlier these days, as we need 20 extra minutes just for Malka to put on her own fucking pants. If we even DAIN to do certain things for her now – like all of the important ones – brush her teeth, put on her pants, buckle her into her booster seat at the table, we are confronted with the worst tantrum known to man kind, because, you know, “makado!”

And the pure bliss and glee she exhibits when she DOES put the “aforementioned fucking pants” on properly? Priceless – you’ve NEVER seen another human being more proud.

So yeah, we just have to get up even earlier now. Because there will be battles of the wills when it will be “because I said so!” But for now? Letting her learn and be proud of that accomplishment is worth the extra 20 minutes on my alarm clock.

4 thoughts on “Makado!

  1. This sounds a lot like Helen. Very cute, but exasperating too. (I can’t remember reading the f-word on here before 🙂 ).

  2. Ha! Enjoy it while it lasts. I have to get up early to tell Sabi to get her f-*&^ing pants one 50 times before she actually does it!

  3. Mmm-hmmm. Sounds VERY familiar. Natalie doesn’t have to put her own clothes on yet (though she does need to give some amount of approval to the outfit or it can become a nasty battle), but she DOES have to do her own buckle after she climbs into her chair at the table. And any attempt to help her line up the pieces for easier buckling is met with shrieks of rage.

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