Since you entered this world,

Two years have gone by.


I’d write more, but it will have to wait for later. I have the “day off,” but I really only have about an hour before I have to leave to go to your Doda Inbar’s house to decorate your Elmo cake, and get it to daycare before you wake up from your nap.

Just know that your mommy and I love you more than anything in the world, and we consider ourselves the luckiest people alive to be able to be your eemahot.

13 thoughts on “Since you entered this world,

  1. Happy Birthday, sweet cheeks!

    (Did I tell you that the other day we were driving home and Quinn was in the back seat saying Mal-ka (with dramatic pause), Mal-ka, over and over. It was so cute!)

  2. Happy Birthday, lovely. After Saturday night I do believe my son has a serious crush on you now. Smoochy and you look fabulous in sparkles darling.

  3. Happy Birthday Malka! I told the kids it was Malka’s birthday today and for the rest of the evening, Helen was obsessed with birthdays, saying “this time, it’s Malka’s birthday!”

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