It’s time we entered the grown up world.

Narda was getting sick and tired of cleaning cat puke out of our bedroom rug. It was Shag. From Ikea.

We got a new rug. It’s awesome, and will hide cat puke nicely.

The dark green you see? it’s almost a match EXACTLY to our wall color.

Now I just need to make a quilt that matches.

Because our room doesn’t look “quite” right now. With the generic brown shag rug, everything just kind of blended in. Now, our room looks like a grown-up’s room. SO we need a quilt to match.

I’m open to ideas. Should I try to match the rug exactly? Or just do some big squares in a white background, using colors from the rug? I’m eager to hear what you think…

3 thoughts on “Matching…

  1. I would definitely not match exactly. And I think I would do almost the reverse of what you say – use a color for the background of the quilt (maybe the maroon-ey one) and white squares on it. But maybe… could you do something with textures instead of colors? Say, find two different fabrics in maroon and do a checkerboard pattern alternating squares of different textures. Subtle. Grown up. Whaddaya think?

  2. oooh, I was going to post that you should use the dark green, in an idea like Jen’s, but then I remembered that you’ve got the green walls. that might be too much green.

    The maroon would be good, but I also really like that blue as the main color and then definitely something textural. Like maybe even a solid blue top with all the design in the stitching. I don’t know how fancy you can get with your stitching, but trapunto would be awesome!,,HGTV_3302_2757968,00.html

  3. ummm. Perhaps I can give you some “quilt expert” help … not that I’m real great with decorating a NYC apartment (ummm, yeah, in TX … well, I don’t need to go there) but, I have a little knowledge about quilting (grin).

    First, if cats are on the bed, you want to match the color of the quilt to the cat fur. Is that possible? And does that color match anything in this rug?

    Second, I wouldn’t do more squares. It’d really take away from the beauty of the rug, I’m afraid. Stripes would be fun, and simple for your level of quilting – different sized strips. And I agree with the other ladies … textured fabrics are super! I love making quilts with many textured fabrics – as long as they’re all the same fabric type (i.e. 100% cotton), and you prewash everything (as some shrink more than others), this could work well.

    Right now, there’s a wonderful tucked fabric that’s in stores — it’s by Moda (United Notions) and it’s part of their Sonnet woven line. It comes in a lovely chocolate brown, a teal blue, a fabulous coral and a ecru/cream white. I just used it for some blocks this past weekend and loved the final look because I could turn the tucks horizonally or vertially to change the dimension of the quilt even more! And, there’s a coordinating Sonnet print line — though, it has too many flowers to be my personal cuppa tea.

    Whatever you do, keep it simple and then hand quilt it … or pay for it to be quilted. This is your bed – it’ll be slept on, slept under, etc. and it’ll get a lot of use and washings. It’ll fall apart fast if you don’t do a good job with the quilting.

    Hope this helps – and hope I’m not out of line in commenting about my passion!

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