Affirmations – Updated!

Or… yet another reason we’re SO happy with the new school for Malka.

Not only did every teacher run into her room on the first day to comfort the screaming banshee that is known as “our daughter on the first day of daycare;” not only did the Israeli teacher in her room mention that she was impressed with Malka’s Hebrew comprehension; not only does she (Israeli teacher) know Malka’s FAVORITE song EVER

(I searched and searched, for a simple mp3 to insert, but Israeli pre-school songs are hard to find – so this will have to do. LaShevet means to sit, and laKum means to stand – it’s basically a cake walk song, and kids LOVE IT!), but… but… but!

A note came home today, asking for pictures of the children’s father for their father’s day project, and on it was a hand written note: “How do you want us to handle this? ;)” Gail.

I printed out a picture of Malka and her grandpa.

We were VERY impressed. If you recall last year, we got a generic card, painted on by Malka, and I justified it by stating its resemblance to a vagina.

4 thoughts on “Affirmations – Updated!

  1. Awesome. That school is a keeper!
    Sabi never had anyone address the daddy issue for her.

    I would prefer to skip both mother’s day and father’s day at school but some parents really want us to do it. I usually end up with an art idea or craft and offer it to those who want to do it.

    interestingly enough, I have never really had to deal with the issue of no fathers. I always have to deal with the issue of no mothers. (in jail or left the kids with a family member and took off!)
    One year, I had a boy that lost his mother the year before. That was rough.

  2. updated – “Ooga, Ooga, Ooga” – Israeli Preschool song. Kids walk in a circle, then “sit,” (squat) and stand – it’s JOY!

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