bullets and memes

I have so many posts floating around in my head, that I am almost paralyzed to write anything at all.

So instead, I give you bullet points, and a meme from our dear Cali.

-Narda going back to work full time at Lion King, and what that means for our family – good, bad and otherwise
-Malka’s new preschool – awesome, yet VERY hetronormative
-My anxiety levels creeping back up a bit
-Back at Weight Watchers, and feeling good about it; making changes to last
-Mishegas at work – it’s so insane, it’s almost comical. And sadly, that’s about all I can tell you – I love my job, the people there, but the board of directors needs some serious time with Super Nanny
-Our most recent and lovely visit from our dear friends over at AdProb
-“Flying solo” evenings and weekends again (see above, Narda going back to lion King); fun for a bit, but lonely, too
-Getting projects complete/decluttering
-There’s more, but there’s my frontal lobe “brain dump,” as it were

Now onto the meme:

From Cali:

Use the first letter of your first name to answer each of the following. They have to be real places, names, things – nothing made up. You can not use your own name for the boy/girl names.

1. What is your name? Shelli
2. A 4 letter word: Shit
3. A vehicle: Subaru
5. A boy’s name: Sean
6. A girl’s name: Sara
7. Drink: Shiraz
8. An occupation: Stockbroker
9. Something you wear: Shirt
10. A celebrity: Sandra Dee
11. Something found in a bathroom: Soap
12. Reason for being late: SLEEP
13. Something you shout: See #2 above.
14. A body part: Shin
15. Word to describe yourself: Sassy

2 thoughts on “bullets and memes

  1. mmmmmm…shiraz!
    I actually just decided to do another scattergories for this weekend.

    I hope you guys are having a nice, mellow & wonderful weekend.

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