T minus 7 and counting

In February, 2004, Narda and I went on a Cruise – it was LOVERLY. It was also the last real vacation that we have taken.

All trips since have been to visit family, and while nice, it’s still “work,” to a degree.

In 7, yes, just seven days, we all head off on an rfamily vacation – on a cruise. We booked it almost a year ago, and truthfully, just can’t wait.

I’ve been in “pre-cruise mode” ALL weekend! We shopped, I made packing lists, it’s been awesome. I’m even beginning to be aware that it will all be over on July 20th.

But I’m not worrying about that bit now, I’m just focused on the fact that we are going on a genuine, bonafide, vacation.

AND, we might even get to see our friends over from Cheese and Whine, if we play our cards right…

7 thoughts on “T minus 7 and counting

  1. Hey….I like the new address….. 🙂

    I hope you guys have an AWESOME trip, and a well-deserved rest-bon voyage! I’m assuming that Malkapalkapookapalka is going as well? How exciting!!

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