TOTAL switcharoo

“in the beginning,” I was the one with the crazy, wacky health fears about Malka.  Narda was the one to talk me down.

I would worry about each and every little thing, but over time, and getting to know our daughter, and the fact that she’s barely a month in her new “school,” I wasn’t too concerned about the sniffly nose, and cough.

Narda, however, was.  So, dilligent Eemah that I am, I took her temp.  Not even 100.  But 99.7, so you know, give her a “puff puff” on her inhalor, and some motrin, and she’d be right as rain in the am.

Except she kept coughing.  For about 2 weeks.  So off to the doctor Narda took her on Monday.

Our poor little boo has a sinus infection.  You’d never be able to tell, however, Malka doesn’t “present” as sick.  She just sniffs a and coughs a bit.

So she’s on “MEDECINE! YUMMY PINK MEDECINE!” (amoxicillian) until next Thursday.  That will be fun bringing on our cruise.

In the meantime, there’s a terribly cute picture where she’s posing, and no, I didn’t make the outfit, but I think I might be able to copy it!  So go check out flickr, and if you’re not marked as friends and family, let me know – we keep her face pictures for friends and family only, so as to protect the privacy of her birthmom.  Who we’ll be seeing and hanging out with in a few weeks, to boot!


6 thoughts on “TOTAL switcharoo

  1. so sorry the little gal is sick 😦

    You know I just realized another blog I read is going to be on the R cruise as well. I will send you her url in case it is someone you want to cruise with…heh

  2. I’m not much of a comment poster but I’d love to see some pics of sweet Malka.

    I hope you guys have a good time on your cruise and that Malka feels better soon.

  3. hey, thanks for the comment! our girl is 2.5 too! we should definitely meet up on board. i believe we are scheduled to be at sea sunday and monday. if you’re interested, email me and i’ll give you my cell phone #.

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