Wanna come on the Cruise with us?

Well, virtually, at least!

You can click here, and see the ship’s webcam!

No matter HOW organized I may be, or HOW early I bring the suitcases up from the storage unit, I always tend to end up doing stuff last minute. Part of that is because in my mind, I “still have time,” so I busy myself with fun, crafty projects, like my new shoulder bag (I just can’t bring myself to say “purse,” heh.) And last night, I was working on an ADORABLE jumpsuit for Malka, but I ended up ripping out the crotch seam at 1am, because it looked funny. I was right. 2 glasses of Shiraz, and a center crotch seam aren’t the best of friends. BUT, I had Malka try it on this am, and my goodness, will it be cute, if I ever finish it.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of my new bag – it’s a heavy weight cotton, and iron-on vinyl, as I got really tired of my stuff getting wet during NYC’s sudden rain showers, for which I am always ill prepared. Now, Malka and I have to finish cleaning/packing/etc. Mommy is off at Shul, Leyning part of this week’s Torah Portion, I’m SO proud of her! We’d be there, too, but um, you know, that packing/cleaning thing…

I’ll try to update once from the ship, as I have a date to check my work’s e-mail on Wednesday, since the Congregation’s Annual meeting is on Thursday, and they may have a few questions. But for now, we are SO PSYCHED! Vacation has officially begun!

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