Tweets for Today

  • 08:54 @liz2d2 and @ gadgetgrrrl – I’m SO sorry. Furry loss is ofen the hardest of losses… #
  • 16:18 racing the storm home, hoping to stay dry… #
  • 20:21 wow – that was pretty awesome – Malka loved the drumming! #
  • 20:28 Any ideas out there on how to prevent a 2.8 year old child from scratching her bug bites? She’s scratching them open. (Thank you, Bactine!) #
  • 20:35 INSANE precision on behalf of China in the opening number. I *try* to imagine stage managing that? And my brain hurts. #
  • 21:36 @indieconch bengay? Really? Worth a shot, for sure. I’m tired of spraying bactine on her open bug bites – she’s a sweet one, our cheeky! #
  • 22:41 the USA outfits look like "a summer in the Hamptons." oy #
  • 23:01 the cheerleaders are starting to look a wee tired… #

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2 thoughts on “Tweets for Today

  1. we’ve been using benadryl cream on ryan’s bug bites and it does the trick! opening ceremonies were definitely incredible!! hope you guys are having a nice weekend…

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