Tears to my eyes…

Forgive my brief posts during these “Yamim Noraim” (days of Awe) – there is still much work to be done.  At work, within my soul, and within the world.

I share this with you, even though I realuize that it may be “preaching to the choir,” as it were, but for those that may doubt.  Here is wonderful evidence.

3 thoughts on “Tears to my eyes…

  1. thanks for this — I loved it.

    now, if you could bring me some fresh persimmons from Israel too, well, I wouldn’t complain…

  2. Obviously there are things going on in the US that those of us who live elsewhere do not understand … I was enjoying this but found the neccessity to confirm that (a) Obama’s religion not being muslim and (b) that his closest advisors are jewish very interesting (and as an Australian slightly unnerving.

    For myself I wish for peace .. for jew, christian and muslim and the rest of us!.. I wish for international leadership and I hope beyond hope that Obama brings it with him to the white house and beyond

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