Like a Birdhouse in Your Soul…

TMBG!, originally uploaded by shellipsm.

I LURVE me some They Might Be Giants, and I’m sure that the main reason the kids there love them too is because their parents, like me, prefer REAL music to insipid kids dribble that can easily be found en masse in today’s market.

So I ruined Malka’s nap, but she had an awesome time, and so did I.

2 thoughts on “Like a Birdhouse in Your Soul…

  1. You are so lucky to see them! I’ve been a big fan since their first album, when I was a freshman in high school. Our baby is totally hooked on the DVDs and podcasts. Lucky Malka!

  2. About a hundred years ago, when TMBG was just starting, they were my neighbors. Mostly hung with Flansburg as Linnell was rather shy and withdrawn.

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