When Murphy comes to visit.

So last night was a night that I needed sleep. But good old Murphy came to visit instead.

Malka is coming down with: ‘ye olde change of season cold.’ No biggie, right? Except that she kept waking herself up with the coughing. And moaning: ‘eemaaaaaaaaaah,’ which of course gets my blood pressure up. No screaming, mind you, just cough, moan for a few, quiet. Wash, rinse, repeat. So when Narda came home, Malka ramped it up a bit, and I said I was going in to her. Narda said we might as well bring her into bed, even though we both knew what it meant (less sleep). As soon as I walk in her room, ‘ani rotsah leeshon eem eemah.’ (I want to sleep with eemah) and she’s already grabbing her pillow, bless her heart. So off we go, pillow, 2 loveys, 2 elmos, 2 pacis in hand, and we play the: ‘Malka, lie down. Malka, lie down or you’re going back to your bed’ game about 10 times, and she finally settles in. Around 11:30.

At 2:30am, my poor food choices from earlier in the day wake me up, sending me to the loo and to the Immodium. I crawl back into bed, albeit next to a sleeping cherub, at 3:00am.

My alarm goes off at 4:45am. But I don’t get out of bed until 6:00. So I literally threw on some clothes, and walked out the door.

I am soooo tired.

2 thoughts on “When Murphy comes to visit.

  1. What a time to not get rest and not feel well. I wish you some rest, an easy fast (if you even do that with how you are feeling) and may you be sealed for another year!


  2. that totally sucks, but damn, malka and ryan really are twins separated at birth. ryan has the same cold and the same reaction when she gets a cold, and almost the same amount of gear to relocate when she comes into our bed ; ) i hope last night was better for you guys!!

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