whirlygiggles for Teddy

whirlygiggles for Teddy, originally uploaded by shellipsm.

Quilt has been received, so I can finally post it!

Pattern is from the Sew mama Sew quilting month, a while back. I LOVE this pattern, and plan on making a few more with it. And now that I’ve organized my fabrics, I can see ALL kinds of opportunity for the pattern, too!

13 thoughts on “whirlygiggles for Teddy

  1. OK, jumping on the jealous bandwagon. My poor sewing machine just keeps calling me as does the half done Halloween quilt I have and the various other projects. I wanted to thank you again for the fabric, but couldn’t find your e-mail address in my sleep deprived state. We love it so much that I was wondering where you got it as I would love to buy some more to make curtains for Gillian! Nothing like having a matching colostomy bag cover to match your curtains eh?

    If you could drop me an e-mail at wendy6gill@aol.com and let me know I would love it.

    And thank you so much. I think we will have several covers made out of that!

  2. Shelli, you are so very clever! I’m jealous, too. Not a handy or crafty skill to my name, I am afraid. Teddy is a lucky lad

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