Dang, that’s a LOT of crap in our storage unit! (and it’s STILL half full!)

So the reason Malka was “helping me” clean out our storage unit was so that I could get to the stuff in the back. Malka’s old stuff.

Today, the birth mother signed surrender documents. The agency is sending a letter of notice to the birth father, but the birth mother’s social worker already has confirmation of a conversation where by he “wants nothing to do with it.”

We pray that in G-d willing, the days and years to come, that in fact, he might.

We are SO grateful to this birth mother, whom we will continue to have an open relationship with, just as we do with Malka’s birth mom. We are truly blessed.

G-d willing, keinihora, knock wood, spit, spit, etc., we will have placement of a healthy baby boy, who was born on November 26th, 2008, on Wednesday, February 4th, 2009. He will be exactly 10 weeks old.

We have not seen him yet, but we did finally tell Malka. She seems keen on the idea, but goodness knows. We do not know how much he weighs, how long he is, or what have you, but I’ve texted our social worker, just so that I can know which clothes to wash. I have the 3-6 and the 6+ in two piles, so that ultimately? One can be washed…

I don’t feel as much “evil eye” about bringing stuff up from the storage unit, as it was Malka’s, and you know, we’re bringing it up for her dollies, right?

We’ll keep you all posted, but think good thoughts next Wednesday at 1:00pm. If all goes well, we’ll share his name 8 days later, on Feb. 11th. The “30 day wait” (the birth mother has 30 days to change her mind after signing surrender documents) will end on February 27th.

30 thoughts on “Dang, that’s a LOT of crap in our storage unit! (and it’s STILL half full!)

  1. Oh my goodness Shelli – I’m so excited for you all. I cant wait to hear all the details and see pictures!!

    Good thoughts coming from Ohio!

  2. That’s great! And was my girlies’ due date, and therefore is a great sign. Will keep you in my thoughts next week, and keep us updated as you can! 🙂

  3. I just have chills reading this. Good ones! You all are in my thoughts. Malka will make a wonderful big sister – and I’m thinking how cute and protective my little brother used to be of me (I guess he still is, but not as cute now 🙂 )

  4. WOW! We are so absolutely thrilled for you guys Shelli! Can’t wait to hear more. Give Malka a big squeeze for us. I can’t wait to tell Ryan tomorrow that Malka will be a big sis soon too. she’s going to be over the moon for her.

    Please send Narda our love as well!!

  5. OMG!!! We have chills of excitement for you! Incredible!!
    Turns out there may be a reason I haven’t gotten rid of all these outgrown boy clothes yet…..

  6. OMG! OMG! This gave me chills. I know you are not fully in the clear until Feb. 27, but this is absolutely wonderful. A little baby boy! (Born the day before my niece was born, too!) I am sending you many, many positive thoughts!

  7. this is wonderful, wonderful news. i am thinking of you all, and holding out so much hope that the transition into your family will be smooth for your son.

    what a blessed, good life you are living.


  8. Congrats to you!
    I thought your agency kept babies with their foster families during the 30 day waiting period? Is that only when it’s a newborn?
    Our son was placed with them originally and his mother changed her mind before the 30 days was up. But he was with a foster family during that time, not an adoptive placement. Then she ended up placing with another agency (ours) and the 30-days started all over again. We didn’t think she’d change her mind again, but we didn’t officially name him until the end of the 30th day (his mikveh was that night, in fact).

    10-weeks, that’s such a tiny baby. I can’t wait to see pictures (of the back of his head). 😉

  9. Oh, Shelli, I’m so excited for you! I know things are not 100% yet but spit, spit and all that, I’m just so pleased. Congratulations to the mommies and big sister!

  10. OKAY! I’m biting my nails in anticipation! Good ju-ju to you, and i’m thinking of your family during all this.

  11. Get that stuff out of there, and into your home, girl. After our 5th “situation” had gone sour, we decided to put EVERYTHING in storage… 9 days later our baby came home and all of his things were not there waiting for him like we always imagined. Malka’s little brother or sister (hopefully this little baby) will come home soon and you better be ready.

  12. Congrats to your family in having a little boy added to your family. What a blessing and to have that blessing come the same month little Malka came into your lives:) Even though the dynamic to your family changed your love has grown and I truly believe that Malka will do very well at being an older sibling. Having a sibling is wonderful and hard at the same time. Both for parents and the siblings themselves. Congrats to you and your family.

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