Don’t say I never embarrassed you, Malka…

My baby is growing up!, originally uploaded by shellipsm.

We’ve been spending some really great quality time with Malka, as we enter, this, her last few days as an only child (gulp!)

here she is, going potty at Ikea. Where we got some new stuff for her room, thereby using the NYC philosophy – 3245382092_d043d4eaa3_osince we can’t grow out, grow UP!

7 thoughts on “Don’t say I never embarrassed you, Malka…

  1. This reminds me of a story my old bossman used to tell me. He lived in NYC for many years as a young man. He had an apartment that overlooked Central Park. It was literally a shoebox. So he had no choice but to go up. He has some fantastic photos of the place. This guy did things you just would never imagine. It was all very cool.

    He took a bet from a friend, something about being able to swim across some river. He won the bet, and took the money (10K!!) that he won and he went over seas. He ended up in Germany, buying cars and taking them to Iran and selling them and making a ton of money. He met an Iranian woman, whom he fell in love with. He could not have sex with her because they were not married. She was the daughter of some insanely rich man. They married. When the Shah was overthrown in 78 (or 79 ?), they left and went back to NY. Bossman had sublet his apartment to a friend. When she saw the apartment, she told him he was a mad man, and that no one would live in such organized chaos, and she left . Bossman had lost all of his money and she was not about to be with a poor man. She went back to Iran and he never saw her again!!

    I do not think organized chaos is all that bad. His apartment was cool as all hell, if you ask me!


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