Letter L, with fingers, on my forehead

I have 6 drafts that await publishing. PLEASE forgive me. We’re beyond swamped, and I haven’t even had time to do the dreaded bullets post.

Which I might do soon, just to keep all 4 of you entertained.

Please forgive me, I’ll get back up to speed soon.

I will say that today, we bought a boogey board for the Maclaren XT, instead of a double stroller. It was a bit frustrating getting it on, but Malka’s in LOVE, and Noah Matan LOVES sitting in the “big kids” stroller, facing out. I can’t wait to take them to Shul w/ it, as when we went last week? LORDY. Malka was a MESS on the walk home, and I ended up carrying her on my shoulders. So until a nice Phil & Ted’s falls into our laps, this will be the next best thing.

6 thoughts on “Letter L, with fingers, on my forehead

  1. I’m still reading, however long it takes for you to get back to posting. I’ve done the dreadful rely-on-meme’s posting lately and really need to get back to real posts very soon or I’m afraid I’ll lose my 4 readers too!

  2. hey stranger!! stroller sounds nice! we thought about getting something similar but ryan’s too heavy for the one that’s made for our stroller. so far she’s been ok with walking while cooper strolls since she can help push but being able to ride sure would be cool!!

  3. With two kids under the age of 5, one of ’em such a wee peanut? Sister!

    I’m with Calliope, you all are winners for just being able to continue to form sentences, much less type a few.

    And o, do I wish a nice Phil & Ted’s upon you. We did splurge and get one, and it has been hands-down the smartest more-than-a-hundred bucks we’ve spent on the kids. Frankly one of the few things we ever went up into the triple digits for, but WOW. So maneuverable, and so city sidewalk-friendly. Any family or friends yet to be hit up?

    (Presume you’re talking about this beaut: http://www.philandteds.com/classic_index.htm)

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