The Hack…

So I’ve been promising to do a post about the Ikea Hack for a while now, but um, we’ve been a bit busy…


So this is 4 Trofast units, a piece of plywood, fabric, a Trofast wall unit, an Ikea star light, a scrap piece of lumber, a baby-safe mirror, and a changing pad.




So I basically covered a piece of plywood* in fabric, screwed 3 trofast units to it,  screwed another trofast unit to the top, secured that to the wall, added the trofast wall unit, secured it all together, and added in the ikea star light for night time diaper changes, and made little labels for the bins.  The labels are the best part, because they help my sleep-deprived brain focus…

*plywood is bigger than trofast units, to accomodate the changing pad, so I secured the bottom units to the front of the board.

14 thoughts on “The Hack…

  1. Love love love the Trofast…couldn’t live without it and can I just say that I am so incredibly happy for this blessing in your life sweetie. You and Narda have had quite the road to get here and Malka must be over the moon to have baby brother Noah in her life.

    Many blessing to you and your sweet family.


  2. i’m so sorry that i didn’t respond to your comment earlier shelli. we did receive malka’s work of art and intended to bring it with us to florida so that ryan could work on it but forgot. so it will be about a month before we get it back but promise that ryan will work on it when we get home!

  3. Hey, Mel here. OMG, I totally want to take the girls to Sesame Place and meet up with you guys. Unfortunately, Amy’s having surgery on the 8th of June and we won’t be able to travel. We are so bummed! Can’t we do October instead??? :o)

  4. I love what you did with the IKEA Trofast series and I’m trying to recreate something similar for my son’s nursery (first baby!). I’ve got a few questions:

    1) Roughly what size piece of plywood did you use?
    2) Did you secure the plywood to the wall as well as to the Trofast frames?
    3) What did you use for labeling the bins (i.e., contact paper, index cards, velcro)?
    4) How do you like the white bins being sort of see-thru?

    Thank you!

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