Thrift Store Score~

Two posts in one day! What will I do?

So I have been envious of the Phil and Ted’s, but you know, with Malka walking most everywhere, and you know, us not having a spare $600.00 plus right now, it’s just not worth it. Malka loves her buggy board, but the hardest times are Saturdays, when we go to Shul, and she is so.ready.for.a.nap afterwords. So this is just brilliant. The thrift store by my work is like a big Value Village, and they have a “VIP Thursday discount” of 25% off. So this was $19.99, and then 25% off. So basically, a 100 dollar stroller, slightly used, for 15 bucks! And the back reclines, so her Cheekiness can nap. PHEW. 3489522680_9e992086e0

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