I don’t know why I’m googling this NOW…

Back in 1997, I was on a Jury for what would now be known as the “inspiration” for a movie called “the Boiler Room.”  I was 27, an unemployed stage manager, and figured it’d be a week of my time, I could crochet and have a grand time.

During the Voire Dire, when I told them I was “an Equity stage manager,” all of their ears perked up.  Until I explained that Actors Equity Association is the Union for Professional Actors and Stage Managers.  I was selected as an alternate, and then I became juror #12.

Maybe it’s all of the financial corruption going on now, maybe it’s my wondering when I’ll get another Jury Duty Summons, but I couldn’t get it out of my head.  Then I remembered that in my filing cabinet, I have a file called “Jury Duty,” as this case was over 2 months long, and it was part of the NY State Supreme Court, and our Judge, (whom I adored, and reminded me of the Judge from Night Court,) promised all of us that we wouldn’t have to serve for 6 years.  So I created a file, and dropped my paperwork in, and went about my business.

Until today, when I pulled out the file.  The name of the man on trial was John McAndris, and he was the CFO for AR Barron.

The best article, which mentions the Jury, is here:  http://www.businessweek.com/archives/1998/b3568112.arc.htm

Maybe a part of me was curious as to what I’d find on line.  Back in 1998, a mere 11 years ago, things weren’t as “googleable” as they are today, and I know I wondered what I’d find.

It’s very hard to know that a decision you make can shape the life of a fellow human being. And this was a Stock market Fraud case, nothing where someone would get teh death penalty, yet it was very difficult for us to reach a decision, and yet impossible to believe that someone was guilty on 25 counts of Fraud.

Not totally sure why I’m sharing this today, but it was on my mind.


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