SO much, and SO little

So much has been going on, and SO little time to blog about it.  I no longer compose blog posts while walking the Smoosh to daycare.  That time of free mental time is long gone.  Between telling Malka to “Stop moving,” or “hurry up,” or “grab the stroller, baby” as we cross the street, my “me time” walks are no more.

Granted, I wouldn’t changeit for the world. We STILL pinch ourselves, wondering if we are dreaming that we have TWO.  TWO kids.  And although difficult at times, we are slightly biased in thinking that ours are certainly the best kids ever.  On the earth.  And I’ll happily challenge you to that!

But goodness, this is going to become a dreaded bullet post.  Or you know what? Let’s REMOVE the “durn label” of “dreaded,” because so many of us twitter and facebook now that blogs, to a larger degree, are almost becoming passe.  (Well, at least for those of us like me, who have leanings towards the ADD…)  But I DO promise to get around to the following.  As soon as both kids stop being sick, needy, whiney, HUNGRY!, and a host of other cute things…

-Juno, my beloved, sweet, “little old lady” went to the Rainbow Bridge.  I told her she could go.  It was devestating.

-I’m working in theatre again!  My fantabulous group, the Flaming Idiots are back on Broadway for a brief period of time, adn they called me up.

-I’m back on WW, and have lost, to date, 15.3 pounds.  I am praying that this is my LAST time on WW, so I don’t care HOW long it takes to come off, I hope it STAYS off, and STAYS OFF for good!

-My anxiety tends to spike when the kids are sick.  So I’ve been a wreck lately, as Noah Matan has been dealing with a nasty stomach thing that makes him puke, and makes me worry about dehydration.  Thankfully, he IS peeing, and IS taking pedialyte.

-Malka turns FOUR  tomorrow.  As in one more than 3, as in WHO SAID MY BABY COULD GROW UP!?!?!?!?!!?

There’s totally more in my head, but it’s hard for one to remember, as I’m SO tired from last night’s pedialyte syringe feeding vigil, and tonight’s glass of wine to calm my nerves, that I’m ready to sign off.  Keep your eyes peeled, and I’ll share more when I can.



5 thoughts on “SO much, and SO little

  1. Hooray on 4!
    I gotta tell you I have been missing my blog friends. Seems like I can’t keep up either.
    I really am loving watching the kids grow up on Flickr..

  2. congrats on the theater gig! not only an amazing change of pace probably, but what an incredible compliment that you were called in; rock it sister!! i hope the kiddos are feeling better! happy hanukkah to you all too ; )

  3. Happy (belated) birthday to Miss Malka! And hooray for the theater work, and for the weight loss – way to go! Hope the little guy is over the stomach bug – those are so nasty. 😦 And I’m so so sorry for the loss of Juno. I need to add you on FB. My best friend had to drag me there, kicking and screaming, and now I’m hooked. go figure.

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