A Picture’s worth…?


We are listed!  The picture taking was Heelarious!  Quincy was thrilled to have his cat castle (usually in the living room by the window) moved about as photos were taken.  I followed the photographer around with my own camera, and grabbed a few shots, which are up on flickr.  Quincy saw my camera, however, and just insinuated himself in almost every shot.  (koffkoffwhorekoffkoff).

There’s a lot of mixed feelings about leaving NY – It’s been my home for over 20 years – I moved here at 19 years old, and am now almost 41. I “grew up” in NY, I found my b’sheret in NY, I made wonderful friends, and the most blessed gift of all, our children’s birth mothers both live here.  So we’ll be back, at least once a year, to spend some time with people that simply can’t leave our hearts that fast, and probably never will.

But in the meantime, anyone wanna buy an apartment? We think it’s pretty nifty!

2 thoughts on “A Picture’s worth…?

  1. You don’t know how much I wish we could! We love your apartment (though significantly less without you guys in it ;-)). Le sigh. ❤ ❤

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