My Kind Of Town….

Life with two small children, and two working moms, one of whom works 7 days a week can be taxing on a family.  And can lead to all kinds of craziness.  For a number of years, we’ve been saying that we wanted a simpler life, with more time to be a family, and to actually enjoy Shabbat together, instead of rushing to have an early Shabbes dinner, so mommy can get to work…

Narda has always loved teaching, and has been very good at it, and has always thought that being at the helm of a stage management program would be a dream come true.

That dream has just come true for us.  Narda is the new Head of Stage Management at DePaul University, in Chicago.  We move August 1st.  It is terrifying and exciting all at once!

There is a FLURRY of decluttering going on around here, and hey!  If any of you want to buy a gorgeous 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment in NYC, talk to me!

More to come as things progress….

17 thoughts on “My Kind Of Town….

  1. So incredibly exciting!! Mel is there often so maybe we’ll join her on her next Friday meeting and stay for the weekend to hang with you guys!! Congrats to Narda for landing a dream come true gig!! xo

  2. congratulations to all of you! you are the third family I know who are leaving new York for Chicago this summer.

  3. WOW!!!!!! Had a bit of a pause when I saw the date, but I know you wouldn’t joke about this.
    I am so so so proud of Narda – how LUCKY they are to have her!
    And I bet I know two ladies in Iowa that are excited!!

  4. Wow…just, wow!! Congratulations you guys. We lived in Chicago for 2 years and loved it, and the lifestyle changes the new job will bring should be beyond great. I’m so happy for you all!

  5. It will be a fantastic new chapter for your whole family, every member will thrive & blossom from the change. You’ve been a super-woman to lead the life you have led the last five years, and you have done it with such class & creativity & love & aplomb. I look forward to seeing what you can create with an increased amount of resources of all kinds!! And thank goodness for social networking.

  6. Woot! Sorry to be late to the congratulatory party. Are either of you at all sportual? We drive down for Chicago Skye games on a regular basis, and I think all of our children would have fun ignoring the game together. 🙂

    (And as the non-sportual person in my family, if you are not but don’t mind sportual eye-candy, I would be happy to have someone with whom to only vaguely watch the game.)

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